Part substitutions and crossing: Our product specialists have decades of experience with multiple manufacturers and commodities.  If the parts you seek are obsolete, hard to find, or cost prohibitive; we possess the expertise and relationships required to provide you with the most cost effective and viable solutions.

Ethical sourcing: Over the past decade the presence of counterfeiting, cloning and re-marked parts have become a prevalent and an increasing concern in our industry. This is true for parts found in the USA, Europe or Asia. As a founding member of the ERAI(Electronic Resellers Association International. Inc.), we have built a business upon proactively taking steps to protect our customer against fraud, lost revenue and unscrupulous business practices within the electronics industry.

Testing and re-certification: Should you require certification or should we have any suspicion that the quality of the parts we find for our customers are questionable, we have dedicated test houses to provide a thorough 17 point visual on integrated circuits as well as full Group A testing to the manufacturer specifications. Documentation will always be provided for these procedures.

Excess inventory management: In addition to buying and selling our own inventory, we also manage the excess inventory of others. Not only can we accurately assess the potential worth of your stock, we also have the resources to market and manage the sale of your inventory.  We have the ability to sell your excess or overstock items for the highest price the market will bear. Please contact us for more details on how we may customize an inventory management solution your company today.  

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