Delivering value for over 30 years

For those of you that have known us since the early 1990’s, welcome back! We’ve been busy changing the ownership, our look and our focus since about 2006. Many previous and current customers knew us as an Independent distributor, Broker or a Reseller. A big Thank you to the many customers that have stayed by us with these changes. Your continued support has helped us to make bigger and better changes to this company.

We partner with trusted suppliers

We are very proud to announce that we are now authorized to sell 2 other Japanese-made products. We are an authorized Rep for SGM Switches for security, communication and other industrial applications. We also represent Tohoku Tatsumi (T-Tatsumi), a manufacturer of High-Grade HDMI Connectors. All of the manufacturers we are authorized to sell, will always have Manufacturer, RoHS and upon request, Country of Origin Certificates sent with our customers’ POs. We will continue to maintain full accountability for all of our transactions with our customers and strive to only have the best of the best in business relationships.

Franchised distributor of MAC8 products

For over the past ten years, we have basically been learning the differences of a franchised distributor for a Japanese manufacturer and an American manufacturer. Thanks to the help of MAC8 and our MAC8 partner in Japan, we are now able to spread our wings a little. In Japan, MAC8 is a famous manufacturer of pcb hardware. Their reputation for the best workmanship, work ethic and the solid relationship with us is what keeps our companies strong and ready to give only the best service to our customers. Please view www.mac8usa.com for more information and to contact us.

Exceptional service and products

We provide numerous industries a diverse range of quality electronic parts that our customers require. All products that are bought from us will come with manufacturer certification as well as RoHS certification. We are ISO 9001 compliant and all of the manufacturers we represent are ISO certified. We look forward to showing you our exceptional Japanese products, including SGM Switches or Tohoku Tatsumi Connectors.

Thank you for stopping by! Please feel free to contact us at 818-703-5103 for more information.

Dear Customers, Suppliers, Vendors and Partners,

Until October 1st 2018 our full company name was TECHNOLOGY TRADING COMPANY/SUNSET PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL, INC.  Sunset Products focused mainly on our Mil-Aero customer base when we were resellers. We will be dropping the Sunset Product International part of the company name and be known only as Technology Trading Company, Inc. Please make a note of this in your system. If documentation is needed to substantiate this amendment to our company name, please let us know.

Thank you for your continued support, official notification of name change.